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About Us

About Us

Deinmar only chooses the best raw materials for all its products.

In Deinmar we collect more than 20 years of accumulated experience in the canning sector, working to obtain the best raw materials from the sea.

In Deinmar the elaboration of products is 100% handmade, respecting and preserving the long tradition in the elaboration, as well as its fabulous flavor and texture; a careful selection and an exhaustive quality control to bring the consumer a differentiated product with maximum guarantee.

Deinmar, established throughout the national territory, is a benchmark in the Spanish market. Present in all distribution channels, it maintains a notable presence in both the most traditional assisted sales, and in the Horeca channel, without forgetting the large consumption distribution where it stands out in the large distribution platforms.

The company is oriented to the satisfaction of its customers and consumers, without leaving anyone indifferent, standing out for its loyalty and commitment and for the quality of our products. This commitment is supported by the growing confidence that our clients place in the firm.

The ability to adapt to the needs of our customers; craftsmanship, our vocation of excellence in service; Together with our firm commitment to increase the sales of our customers, the firm Deinmar is a safe value.

The specialty of Deinmar is the artisanal anchovy, betting on a constant quality and concern for the origin of the fish, with which Deinmar has always been in charge of offering and maintaining a careful and selected product line; which begins with our commitment to sustainable fisheries, continues with the supervision of the processing system and ends with the carton. Besides the anchovy, we offer a wide range of products: anchovies, sardines, banderillas ...

Our objective and commitment is always to offer the best quality of the market, adapting them always to the tastes and demands of the consumers, and of course to the needs of our clients; thus, Deinmar is synonymous with quality and freshness.

Deinmar, marine tradition.

Deinmar con la Pesca Sostenible

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