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Couple: Skewered Pickled Foods

Couple: Skewered Pickled Foods

Deinmar Sostenibilidad

Deinmar offers this couple between marinated anchovies and anchovies. The artisan and manual processing of anchovies and anchovies guarantees high quality pieces, smooth and with a strong flavor that perfectly mingle the flavors of the ingredients, thus achieving an exceptional product.

Anchovies, Marinated Anchovies, olive oil, seeds oil, vinegar, garlic, parsley and salt.

Keep refrigerated between 0º C and 8º C. serve at room temperature.

Nutritional Data

for 100 gr.

Calories: 1191,14 kJ – 284,5 kcal.
Total Fat: 22,19 gr.
Saturated Fat: 9,55 gr.
Carbohydrates: 0,3 gr.
Proteins: 20,89 gr.

This product is free of genetically modified ingredients.

This product is subject to control foreign bodies and antianisakis treatment..

This product is subject to control traceability.

Allergens: GLUTEN-FREE It contains fish and soy derivatives.

Deinmar Pesca Sostenible, Kosher Madrid, sin Gluten, Fuente Rica en Omega 3

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